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So what's been going on? Not much, but summer is in full swing. Went to Download Festival close to two weeks ago now and I've been itching to go back to it ever since! It was probably the best weekend of my life, the bands were incredible, seeing all my mates for the weekend was amazing and it was just an all round incredible experience. Now I can't stop listening to Steel Panther and Aerosmith, not the worst things to be a little addicted to I suppose! I left Uni about a month ago now and I think I'm just about settled at home with my parents, looking for a job is getting on my nerves but it's a necessary pain in the arse! I got my degree classification on Thursday (I wrote a post around it here.) Other than that, I've had a few interviews but nothing has come to fruition just yet. Fingers crossed I'll get some luck soon :) I'm staying positive! It's my birthday next week and a couple of mates are coming to Cardiff for a visit so it should be a good weekend, I'm excited! I'm really feeling the summer vibes at the minute, feeling good!

Sam xo


  1. Yeah, summer, woot woot! I'm leaving on holiday next week so I'm definitely feeling the vibes too :-)

    1. Ahh lovely, where are you off? I'm getting the itch for a bit of travel right now! Have to restrain myself :P

      Sam xo