A cheeky new series begins here. I feel like a lot of products in my collection should be shouted about through this blog but they don't necessarily need a full on review and so, I'll be writing little shout-outs every so often to try and share some of my favourite products with you guys! Beginning with NARS Funny Face.

This lipstick is a perfect example of why you should not buy make up online without research. I bought this lipstick coming on three years ago now from ASOS, what I thought I was getting was a purple based fuschia - that is not what this is at all. Funny Face has however become one of my favourite brights for this summer which is quite unusual because reddish pinks are not usually where its at for me however, this lipstick is a peculiar and unique combination of hot pink, red and bizarrely, metallic blue. The blue undertones give the lipstick a strange - but beautiful - duo chrome sheen which does wonders for making your lips look plump. 

NARS Funny Face is from the Semi-Matte line so you can trust that it's more than adequately pigmented and its lasting power is incredible, it even leaves the lips with a stain once it wears off. Not to mention it's hydrating feel, it is beautiful for someone like me who is forever having to deal with dehydrated lips! If you want a bold, comfortable, foolproof pink then NARS is where to go! I'm definitely going to look into getting some more from their semi-matte line!

Sam xo

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  1. Love the picture :D this looks like such a gorgeous shade... and i love the name xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie