REVIEW | Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge vs Beauty Blender.

Beauty Blenders (Left), at £16.00 are just over £10 more than the Real Techniques alternative (Right) 

It took me so long to actually invest in the Beauty Blender. Paying that much for what is essentially a tear-drop shaped sponge took some convincing, even for a chronic spender like me. After months of deliberation I took the plunge and I am glad that I did. If I hadn't I wouldn't have known how nicely a make up sponge applied foundation and I would have just continued to lust after it.

Recently I purchased the Real Techniques alternative, again this took a while for me to buy simply because about 80% of the reviews which I read on it were negative. I have to say straight off the bat that I don't understand the bad press. I far prefer it to the Beauty Blender. It provides a similar finish - dewy and fresh - but is a third of the price, it feels as though it is made from better quality material (If that's possible with sponge?) and has a larger surface area meaning that it takes way less time to apply your base. Another thing that I prefer about this particular make up sponge is that it cleans far more easily and with better results. 

WARNING : Watch your nails!

Perhaps it was ditsy of me but it honestly never even crossed my mind to beware of my nails whilst cleaning my Beauty Blender and as a consequence after about 3 washes I was left with a stained, ridged sponge. To be honest, I regret spending the money solely because it was so delicate. I wish I'd been smart enough to realise to be careful, or read a warning somewhere. The Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge didn't rip at all during cleaning even though my nails are actually more grown out and the staining is far less noticeable, making it better for someone as pedantic and clumsy as me.

I like them both, but I won't be reinvesting in a Beauty Blender any time soon. Not when a better alternative is readily available in the British drugstore at a fraction of the price. I also prefer that Real Techniques is a company with whom I have more of a familiarity with, but that's just personal preference! Real Techniques all the way!

Sam xo

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