The April Edit

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Admittedly this months "edit" is a bit late, but as the cliché goes - "Better late than never." I am not sure that I have ever entirely agreed with that statement but nonetheless, here The April Edit. The past couple of weeks have been the final run of my university career pretty much and surprisingly I wrote a few more posts than usual. Procrastinating, I guess. My dissertation is done and dusted and I'm in the process of finishing the final few hundred words of my last ever University essay. I haven't had the end of year blues just yet but given that my end of year ball is this coming Friday, I can't see them being too far off.

This month I bought an unprecedented amount of make up, I've not even hauled half of it just yet because I'm still testing things out, but what I have is linked above! Not much more to say about the past few weeks really. Follow the links above for the past few posts if you like and if you're feeling really crazy you can follow me on twitter and instagram. Get to know me a little better, perhaps? My handle is @sjmcdf on both :) I'll catch you all soon!

Sam xo

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