Weekly Wishlist!

I know that I usually make these boards and simply link the items below but I wanted to do a more lengthy post today as I have some time on my hands and am feeling like i'm neglecting my blog a little recently. So here goes nothing.

Real Techniques Powder Brush £12.99

I've been eyeing up MAC 150 for months now but I refuse to spend £30 on a single brush because I'm not a crazy lady. This looks like a nice alternative, it's big and it's Real Techniques so I know that it will be of good quality. Going to check this out at my local boots before I get it but I think this is in my firing line of spending for sure.

Revlon Wine Not £7.49

I really want to change my look. I'm getting so bored of the way I'm doing my makeup and it's making me become a little disenchanted by makeup in general. I thought that perhaps I'd try a darker lip for the end of the year, as I'm VERY pale, I'm not sure how it will end up but i'll let you know. I've seen this shade in multiple YouTube videos on clothesencounters channel and it just looks beautiful.

Make Up Forever HD Foundation in 107 Pink £29.95

I don't know whether it is the time of year, or getting back into university life stressing me out but my skin has just gone mental on me. Breaking out like mad. And of course, I now find that I don't have a full cover foundation in my grasp, this one looks like a lovely finish, plus it runs quite pale so I'm optimistic this will be a good shout!

Butter London La Moss Nail Varnish £12

Super expensive, I may try to find a cheaper alternative but it's such a beautiful wintery colour, a really deep maroon. I'm in love.

Boujours Delice de Poudre Bronzing Powder £6.99

I've heard pretty good things about this, least of all that the pigmentation is fair so I'm hopeful this will work with my colouring, fingers crossed!

Thanks for reading, speak soon!
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Seize the Beautiful xo


  1. This is a great wishlist! I love that nail polish colour. It is so rich and perfect for fall!

    1. Thanks, I can't wait to add them to my collection! xo

  2. I have Bourjois Bronzer and MUFE HD Foundation. Both products are great :)


    1. Awesome! I've yet to hear anything bad so hopefully i'll get along with them just as well as you have xo

  3. Great list! The Bourjois bronzer really is lovely and that Butter London polish looks perfect for fall :)



    1. I know right, I'm so happy it's Autumn already! xo