This post has been a long time coming! I've not bought anything from MAC in what feels like forever and I've been eyeing up so much stuff I thought a wishlist was a way to channel the urge! All of this had been spurred on by the Pro Conceal and Correct Palette in Light. The concealers that I have in my collection just aren't fitting the bill right now and this looks like a good all rounder palette! After seeing that MAC release ready-filled 15 pan palette's I've really just wanted to get my hands on both of them. At £65 a pop they are expensive by comparison to other brands but when you consider you're paying about a third of the price that you would if you created your own palette, it's a bargain!

I've been really dissatisfied with my skin at the moment, it's been so dry and I really wanted to get a setting spray that restored dewy-ness after I'd applied foundation, the Mineralize Charged Water sounds lovely and I really want to get my hands on it. A few more wants are the Harmony Blush, 43 Lashes, 3D Mascara and the Natural Radiance Prep and Prime base.

Hopefully I'll be good and save up for  these bad boys, it's quite a hefty price tag with a total of over £200. Not to mention the fact that I'm dying for a new handbag! We'll see how my marks go for my next two assignments...I may treat myself!

Sam xo

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