The Weekly Edit #1

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001. This week has been painfully dull. My exams are so closely grouped together that it has been a solid block of cramming. My lovely university decided to put my exams on 17th, 20th and 21st. Very little room for pissing about or socialising. Had my first exam Friday and it didn't go bad, but I have no idea if it went well either. Guess I'll find out in July. I'm using this post to break from studying about post-colonialism, how fun!

002. The weather has been hit and miss this week, even got attacked by some hailstones thanks to leaving my window open, well done Sam. Now it's really sunny, I wish it wasn't :( Living in a seaside town when it's sunny and you cannot go to the beach is painful.

003. Rocked a red lip to go and see The Great Gatsby, I needed a break from revision and I'd just had a so-so exam so cinema it was. I was so excited for this film but was really underwhelmed. It had so much potential, one of my favourite directors and my favourite actor but I really disliked it. I'd not known the storyline and it really grated on me. Really disappointed.

004. Finally learnt how to do a fishtail braid and have it stay in, happy. Wore it when I went to play pool with a mate and just confirmed how shit I am at it, I have no skill whatsoever. Will get better though!

005. Best purchase of the month has got to be my Help for Heroes hoody, it's ridiculously oversized and so warm. It's a bit sad that it's appropriate for this time of year but lets forget about that!

How has your week gone?
Seize the Beautiful xo


  1. Aw it's rubbish when exams are really close together, hope the rest go well though! I got roped into playing pool at the pub on Friday night until everybody realised how awful I am haha xx

  2. Loving the red lip on you and that NARS polish is gorgeous! Sorry the Great Gatsby disappointed. I've been really wanting to see it as well (loved the book), but I've definitely heard mixed reviews. Thanks for the opinion on it! xo