I'll be seeing you, Aberystwyth.

I truly believe that coming to Aberystwyth University has played an instrumental role in crafting my personality and my adult self, and I'm eternally grateful. Aberystwyth is like Marmite. For some people, the whole 'bubble' and isolation (A bit dramatic, but not far off.) of living in a tiny west Wales town is too much. and if you don't completely immerse yourself in the community it can be overwhelming and lonely. But, if like me, you love the small town feel and the quaint architecture of this beautiful little student town then it's a place to thrive.

For me, the bubble is about to pop, and I'm moving out of Aberystwyth, my home for the last four years. I just feel a bit hazy about it all. It feels surreal to have to prepare to say goodbye to somewhere which has played such a huge role in who I have become. So, although it is a step away from what I usually post about I wanted to share with you guys some of my personal favourite places in Aber. If you haven't yet experienced Aberystwyth, you can view it through my eyes through the next few photos. Enjoy.

central walk // the flooded jetty // my favourite late night haunt // castle view // marina puns // stormy seafront // old school cinema // waves // castle ruins

Sam xo

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