UPDATE | Where are you?

001. It's been a busy couple of weeks, it's exam season and my priorities have had to change. I'm sure if you read my blog quite often you'll notice my uploads have been sparse. 3 exams in the space of 3 days. It's going to be a fun two weeks up until they begin. I suppose they'll be over soon enough and I'll get to appreciate the Aberystwyth sunshine in all of its glory.

002. My uni has just had an annual rugby tournament. Some of my house-mates play but basically for those who aren't playing it's just an excuse to get social. Had 3 nights out that near turned me off alcohol but it was definitely fun! Nice break from revision.

003. I've been introduced to so many good products through the blogosphere lately and once exam period is over I will have plenty of products ready for review! I'll make up for my absence I promise!

004. Not only have I had a bit of stress with revision, my body has turned on me. Out of the blue a week back I pulled a muscle in my back and couldn't really move, was just hopped up on Cocodomol. Thank God for the NHS, so much pain! All better now!

005. Been feeling positive lately, met some new people who are making me feel like my old self. I'm excited for summer! A few plans been made, Newquay as a last hurrah with my Uni mates who graduate a year before me and perhaps Newcastle for my birthday in a month or so. I'm pretty stoked!

Thanks for sticking with the blog, speak soon!
Seize the Beautiful xo

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  1. Thanks for the updates! Sorry to hear things have been stressful, but sounds like a lot of positive things have been happening lately as well. Looking forward to some reviews! xo