REVIEW | L'Oreal Super Liner

Since I started wearing winged liner years and years ago, I used the Collection 2000 Fast Stroke liner but a few months back, it started to fade on me and easily move. I don't know what happened, perhaps they changed the formula or maybe it was the weather. In search for a new liner that would be good for everyday wear, and most importantly, a liquid liner with a felt applicator (I sincerely dislike brush applicators, they just don't provide enough precision for me.)  I found the L'Oreal Super Liner Black Lacquer. I'm glad that I did because this stuff does not move, the brush is beautiful for getting a perfect wing and the result is very dark and very glossy. I really love this product.

What you should bare in mind with this is that it is quite difficult to get off, but that sort of proves its staying power! Very glad I've found this, it's my new holy grail liquid liner.

Seize the Beautiful xo


  1. I love that it stays put - that is definitely the most important thing when it comes to liquid eyeliner!

  2. This sounds great! Glad you're loving it. My all-time favourite is the Revlon ColourStay Liquid Eyeliner Pen, but this sounds like a fantastic option too :)


    1. I never really give Revlon a look because my Boots doesn't stock Revlon - ridiculous I know! I may venture out and give it a shot though! xo

  3. oh this looks and sounds like a great liner. I did a post showing LUSH liner which also has great staying power but I'll have to look out for this one as I really love the look of the brush :) x