REVIEW | Phil Smith Total Treat Argan Oil.

After re-ombre-ing my hair a few weeks back I knew that I had to get some sort of restorative product for it because it felt like straw, the  only problem here is that I have no idea about hair care whatsoever. I thought that I'd buy some Morrocan Argan Oil but didn't know which brand and then on a trip to the newsagents I came across this freebie with Cosmopolitan. Thank you Cosmopolitan!

It smells amazing, that's the first thing of note, but mainly I want to talk about how amazing this has made my hair feel. I've never used any hair oils or creams before so this might be okay in comparison to others but it really has made my hair look and feel great again. It doesn't leave your hands sticky after use and you really don't need much at all to see the transformation in texture and look. Another thing that I noticed with this product was that my hair dried far faster when I used this than when I haven't and not only that but it doesn't dry as such a frizzy mess either.

I'm really happy to have been given the chance to try this and would for sure recommend it on to any of you who are looking to give your hair a bit of a sprucing up. A full size product costs £10.99 which I think is probably worth it, but I'm not sure I'd buy it again just because now I've experienced the effects of Argan Oil infused products I want to try a few other ones that I'm quite interested in, like the Ojon hair oil. The only downside to this product is that I despise the packaging but to honest I say that about most things so there's nothing new there.

You can pick this up exclusively online as far as I can grasp here

Have a nice Sunday!

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  1. This sounds great! It's always such a plus when a product smells really good!