Online Shopping Challenge!

Okay, so I've read a few blogs in the past week talking about a 100 day spending challenge, each has various rules but essentially it's a ban on spending for 100 days. I'm going to be completely honest, I could never not shop for 100 days and to say i'm going to try is probably going to be a lie. So I've altered this challenge a little.

My main reason  for wanting to do this in the first place is that, on the 24th of this month I get my student loan and I want to try and not shop within the first week or so, so that I don't go nuts when i'm excited not to be poor.

So, from tomorrow, for the next 30 days I am not going to shop online. You may think, "Oh this isn't hard you can just go into town!". Well, not really, I'm back to my Uni tomorrow and in my University town - a town, not a city, very small! -we have a grand total of 3 Women's Clothing shops, oh and a boots. Basically, during term time I shop online, apart from cosmetics. So, yeah. It will be a challenge to not pop on ASOS or Topshop. I think I can do it though, i've been fairly good over summer so it's just an extension of that!

Look at the sheer abundance of shops on my high street - Millets anyone?

So! Until October 14th, no online shopping! We'll see! I'll keep you updated, ahh!

I haven't been posting as much as usual this week because I have been extremely busy - as I mentioned in my last but one post. Unfortunately, I probably won't be posting regularly until perhaps the 21st of September, up until then I will only have the internet on my phone and that's a bit of a hassle!

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Seize the Beautiful xo


  1. Ahh student loans, I miss mine so much <3 I wish I'd have been into beauty back then and bought a massive makeup collection, I used to waste mine on absolute crap and had nothing to show for it ever lol. Good luck with your 30 day challenge! x

    1. I know same! I don't know where the money goes lol! And thankyou! It's going well so far! xo

  2. Good luck with this, I always plan on doing a spending ban but I just can't help myself! I'm just starting a masters at uni which means I don't get a student loan any more, so I'll probably need to go on one soon! xx

    1. Ahh that sounds cool! I'm milling over whether to go for a masters or not at the moment! What are you doing it in? Thanks for the luck, it's 5 days in and all is good so far! xo