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I just recently came across Demi Lovato's documentary style film Stay Strong and it really inspired me to write/ create a look based around Demi Lovato.

The film tracks Demi whilst she is dealing with some troubles she has in her life. It's really quite a testament to how genuine she is that she's letting people into her personal life so deeply, but anyway, that's besides the point of this really. I've always loved Demi Lovato's style, since I first noticed her when I was about 15/16. I love her music, her style and I really really love her makeup choices, especially as she's grown up.

Just me or does she look alot like Kate Winslet with blonde hair?

I decided to write a tutorial style post on how to recreate a 'Demi' look, from what I can tell, nowadays she's far lighter with her makeup and I've chosen to write how to recreat one of her clean, bold lip looks simply because it's bang on trend for autumn.

Something along the lines of this look...


You need a clean, fresh base for this look, I would recommend a demi-matte finish, alternatively you could apply a lighter coverage and use a mineral powder to set it. Apply that all over and down the neck. If you need it, apply a salmon toned concealer in the tear duct and undereye area to get that flawless finish!

To make the face look less mono-toned, contour using a matte brown shade in the hollows of the cheek and the temples, to so lightly, you're not trying to look bronzed. If you feel like you want a bit more colour then take a deep rosy blush, such as Illamasqua Naked Rose over the cheekbones.


If you need to, fill your brows in. The eyeshadow is very simple. Take a matte cream colour over the lid and around the tear duct. With a taupe shade on a buffing brush create definition in the outer v of the eye. If you think you need more definition then take a flat eyeliner brush and a deep brown and push the powder into the   lashline. Finally, take a mascara of your choice, preferably a lengthening one and coat your lashes.


For such a deep lip you really should line the lips, creating a contoured shape and then fill the rest of the lip in. A perfect colour for the lips here would be MAC Russian Red.

Ta-da! I would have included step by step pictures but I think this is one of the most simple looks and I didn't think it was all that necessary! I hope you have enjoyed and i'll speak to you soon!

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