Barry M Lip Paint & Lip-gloss review w/ swatches

Barry M is a favourite brand of mine, solely for the colour range it has. It always seems to hit the nail on the head and get the prefect shade or tone to its products. And since I own A LOT of products from their cosmetic line I thought I would go ahead and review them for you lovely people!

Barry M Lip Paint (Shade 129 - Palest Lavender) £4.50 ASOS, available at Boots and Superdrug and online!

I was made aware of this colour by voussontbeauetbelle on youtube (If you haven't already, go and check her channel out!). I'd been looking for a nice lilac shade for a long time, after getting home and checking this on my lips I realised that this particular colour is gonna take a bit of confidence to wear, its quite unusual. But, nonetheless, I like it. 

Barry M lipsticks, in my opinion are brilliant. Not sheer, no glitter, just pigmented soft creamy formulas that translate well onto the lips. I recommend them!

I really like the packaging, its very similar to NARS, it's simple and it practical. I love the name "Lip Paint" too, it makes it a bit more playful and childish! Plus, the smell so nice, it reminds me of how my Nan's make up smelt when I was a child, nostalgia!

Barry M Lip Gloss Wand in Strawberry Milkshake £5.00 Very

 I have to jump right in there and say that this is my favourite pink lip gloss. And there's one reason above all why that is the case. It smells divine! It smells like strawberry bon-bons - yum.

The lip gloss is glittery but not too much and the colour is so pretty, it isn't sticky and lasts an average amount of time. It's just a genuinely good product and for the money I'm super happy. I say that, but I got this free with Impulse body spray, so I got it for nothing!

As the swatch shows, its not dense and opaque it is just a nice amount of colour to make the lips pop.

Barry M never goes far wrong!
Two thumbs way up.

More Barry M reviews to come!

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