Body Shop Cocoa Butter Cream Body Scrub review w/ swatches

This stuff smells AMAZING.

I haven't ever really payed enough attention to The Body Shop, but coming to think about it, everything i've ever used from there has been brilliant! This is no exception.

It looks a little like oatmeal, which is weird, but the combination of a body butter and exfoliating scrub is brilliant. The beads are strong enough to really remove majority of dry skin flakes and dead skin but aren't too harsh or big to damage the skin. And the butter just smoothes out my skin and leaves it feeling supple and moisturised.

I love this stuff. I'm not so crazy about the price tag but it isn't exactly extortionate - £12.50 for 200ml. Hmm. I guess that's okay, plus, it seems as though it will go a long way.

Great product, nearing 10/10! I will definitely be popping into The Body Shop more often from now on!

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