O.P.I NYC Ballet Collection review w/ swatches

I was so excited to try out this collection, so when I saw the 'Petites' set  was stocked by ASOS.com I jumped at the opportunity to test all four shades. It cost a reasonable £12.95, and I got an NUS 10% discount too ;)

Its a very demure collection, minimal and graceful.

The Packaging is beautiful and the bottles themselves are so cute, very small but I am sure you could get a fair few manicures from one bottle.

Each bottle contains 3.75ml's in comparison to the full sized bottle which is 15ml (£11.00 from ASOS.com).

From L to R: "My Pointe Exactly", "Care to Danse?", "Don't Touch my Tutu", "Pirouette My Whistle".

So, is it all I expected and more?!

Bluntly, no. Like I said, I was excited to try these polishes so when they arrived I tried them out immediately. The polish which I thought would be a clear winner for me from this collection was "Care to Danse?", a pale lilac which to me, was reminiscent of Waterlily by Topshop. Since that particular polish is now sold out, i've been looking for a replacement. Heres a review of Waterlily if you want to know more about that. (http://www.beautyinmymind.com/nail-of-the-day-topshop-waterlily-nail-polish-review.html )

Anyway, "Care to Danse?", similarly to the other two colours of the collection, is so sheer that it took 4 coats to achieve any sort of noticeable colour. And that to me is alot of product for little pay off, or CRAP!

 Here are the colours swatches (I used Nails Inc base-coat and topcoat to try and get the most out of the nail polishes.)
"Pirouette My Whistle", "Care to Danse?", "Don't Touch my Tutu", "My Pointe Exactly"

It's not really my cup of tea - sheer nail polish, that is. But having said that the grey colour "My Pointe Exactly" is surprisingly nice on the nails. Of the collection I would say there is a clear winner: the transparent silver glitter "Pirouette My Whistle", I think it's stunning. It has flecks of smaller and larger pieces of silver glitter which makes it somewhat unique, and I actually think that it can carry itself without a base. 

I swatched the "Pirouette My Whistle" polish over Nails Inc Tate on my accent nail. Tate is a raspberry red colour and I think that the picture speaks for itself!

Overall, I am not in regret over the money I spent on this collection but I just feel that the formula is too sheer for any sort of striking nail polish.

Hope this helps!

Seize the Beautiful xo

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