Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation review.

With the onset of summer I've been looking to switch up my foundation routine. I usually use Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in Light Beige No 21, and I still love the coverage and dewy finish this gives, but I wanted to switch things up. Plus, its pretty pricey for a tinted moisturizer!

(I'd also like to mention that the product that gets lost in this squeezy tube is insane, once the pump stopped working I managed to salvage 2 pots of product by cutting it open!)


I went out and bought "Rimmel London's Wake Me Up" new foundation In Ivory 100, with pretty high hopes. There were two major selling points, for me, which made me go and purchase it.

#1. The Packaging!
#2. The unique "Anti Fatigue" effect that it claims to give the user.

How did they measure up in reality?

#1. I love it. I like that they have translated the "Anti Fatigue" USP to the colour scheme of the packaging. It's eye catching and unique, as well as this, I think that it is very fitting with the brand image. Bright and fun.  Another thing that I like about this packaging is that it is glass, and therefore feels far more luxurious thaN most low-cost alternatives (Of which i'm not sure there are many, BB Creams perhaps but not foundations).

#2. I am sucked in whenever a product claims to be brightening, and this product follows through. It's a dewy finish and it seems to highlight and bring out the positives of my skin. The coverage, I would say is pretty good, perhaps medium but not the "flawless" coverage that it suggests that it is on the blurb.

I'm always hesitant with new foundation particularly from low end brands. I'm very pale with pink undertones (NC15 as a MAC reference) and so its hard to find a colour to suit me perfectly. So, one of the main things I look for is a foundation which is not too yellow/orange, and most drugstore foundations unfortunately are. This isn't bad, it does have yellow undertones but its slight and I do think that it is subtle enough to be acceptable.

It's a really good alternative to the Missha BB Cream in my opinion, its definitely brighter though. I love it so far. One thing I was surprised about was that it feels alot like a BB Cream rather than a foundation, it feels light on the skin - good for summer! It smells amazing too, clean and fresh! 

So, an overall all round good buy for £6.99 (On offer in both Superdrug and Boots at the moment, it's usually £8.99.) I'm hard to please and this product will definitely be one i'm recommending! Happy shopper!


If you're interested in the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream here are links for it. Worth a look at too, its amazing :  http://www.misshaus.com/ctrl.php?page=mainProductDetail&p_code=MSMS1052&ctg=AAA

Seize the Beautiful xo

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