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I don't consider myself to be extraordinarily creative but that doesn't mean I don't revel in expressing myself. My cosmetics let me do that. And I know, just like me many women (and men!), I use my arsenal of make up products to show another side to my persona. For example, I can sometimes come across as serious and determined - which I am - but I use my make up to express a more outgoing, fun and girly side to myself. 

I believe that make up gives its wearer the confidence to indulge in a small outlet of expression that doesn't overwhelm, It allows us to showcase our best features, our interest and our tastes in a subtle, graceful manner.

Over the past year or so, I have been itching to start blogging or vlogging. One of my guilty pleasures is watching "beauty gurus" on youtube, having the opportunity to hear peoples opinions, take a look into their personal style encyclopedias. And so, I've finally decided to pluck up the courage and start a beauty blog to try and give other beauty fanatics, like myself, just another port in the storm for when their in the mood to indulge and inform themselves on cosmetics. 

I would like to point out that I am not a beauty student nor am I a make up artist, I simply have a passion for cosmetics and make up and have decided to make more of a hobby out of my interest in the form of this blog.

In this blog I will be reviewing, testing and generally discussing my experience of make up. I hope it is well received.

Seize the Beautiful xo

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