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What I'm most excited for on this wishlist is the MAC Rocky Horror collection, I love RHPS and the lipstick shades are just amazing! I will have them when they come out! I've been scrimping for so many months now that I'm already thinking of how to spend my first few wage packets and I think my eyes are bigger than my belly so to speak. I really want to buy a beautiful work appropriate bag and the Givenchy Small Antigona is what I have my sights set on, it will be at least a few months of saving before I can get my hands on it but when I see a bag that I want I know eventually it will be mine!

I haven't been able to watch as much YouTube, or blog as much for that matter, since my new job started so I am going to have to work out a proper schedule for my posts! Anyway, I noticed that Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup spoke about the Ciate Haute House metallic range in one of her latest videos and it sold me. I'm not typically one for metallic polishes but these look lovely! Not tacky at all! I'm really excited to get my hands on the bronze in particular. Just before a work dinner the other day I had about 20 minutes to kill and the restaurant was right next to John Lewis so I popped in and smelt Aerin Amber Musk, it is stunning and really want it! Speaking of work, the walk from my car has showed me I need some new outerwear! This Topshop Peplum Jacket is right up my street, I'm going to have to make an order come payday!

So there's my latest wishlist! I'd love to know what you're lusting after at the moment? Write a comment letting me know? We can enable one another ;)

Sam xo
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  1. That bag is dreamy! Would love to get my hands on the Marc Jacobs palette as well. :)

    Speaking Beauty UK

  2. Great finds! Want them all


  3. Great list! I'm sooo tempted by the Rocky Horror lipsticks as well as that Dior foundation. Have an amazing weekend :)