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Every so often I get sucked in my blogger hype, or a promotion and buy a product on a whim, unfortunately a lot of the time that leaves me p*%ssed off that I wasted my precious pounds on something I'm not going to get any use out of. Hopefully you guys won't make the same mistake with these products! There are probably a few in here that you'd be shocked by, but I just can't come to terms with wasting my money on the next six bits that I'm about to share with you.

#1 Urban Decay Naked 3

Controversial, right? It took me a long time to buy this, and I've written an entire review on what I think about the palette here so I won't bore you again, just check that out. To cut a long story short, this product genuinely makes me angry that I parted with nearly £40 when I have no desire to use it.

#2 YSL Baby Doll Kiss and Blush in 7

I saw these blush and lip combo creme's in Boots just before their release date and I knew I had to have one. Unfortunately, when I got around to buying it and playing around with the actual product it left me wanting more. It's a little too hard to blend so the colour patches on the cheek and is way too pigmented for my liking. I wish it were a little more smooth to apply, then it would be beautiful.

#3 Bourjois Java Rice Powder

Too much glitter, not enough functionality. I hate the packaging, any loose powder with a sifter does my head in and this is no exception. To be honest, I think this was far too hyped up on blogs and YouTube and I definitely got sucked in. Live and learn!

#4 Estee Lauder Double Wear All Day Glow BB Cream

I was so excited to try this out, I admittedly hadn't read anything about it but given the brand and the line to which it's attached I had only high hopes. Unfortunately, on my dry skin this separated and oxidised like a bitch - I'd like to point out that this never happens to me, not even with matte foundations. As well as that, it was hard to blend because it is a quite thick formula and it stayed tacky far too long for my liking. I'm just not fussed.

#5 Topshop Saint ( & Topshop Lipstick in general.)

I love the packaging and the colour of Topshop lipstick but the formula for me is awful. I keep buying them in hope that perhaps they won't all be drying and settle into the lines in my lips but each time I'm greeted with an ugly result. Not a fan!

#6 bareMinerals Well Rested Under Eye Concealer

Now, it's not that this doesn't do what it says on the tin, it's just that it doesn't give that wow factor I was expecting! It's my own fault because I see beautifully tanned girls using products like this and I expect the same affect on my super pale complexion. I just haven't reached for this nearly enough to justify it's price tag. Sad, but true.

So there are my snappy warnings on some disappointing products. Hope this helps!
Sam xo


  1. I love the Naked 3, but I haven't tried any of the other products. I've heard a few negative things about the YSL Baby doll kiss&blush so I'm definitely staying away from those :)
    Sucks that these products didn't work out for you...

    1. I know :( next time i'll be smart and read reviews by the bucket load!

  2. This was really helpful since I always fall for the hype products and most of the time they are pretty disappointing. I'm probably going to avoid the topshop lipsticks now since I have dry lips as well, and I do not enjoy lipsticks that settle in lines!

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.

    1. Glad it was a help! Don't make my mistakes aha!

  3. I really want to try the Naked 2 palette, however I can't justify spending £37 on a palette. I'd rather stick to MUA and Make Up Revolution's dupes xx

    Who is She

    1. I have the three of them now and if any of them is worth the money I have to say its the Naked 2! I've had it for about 2 or so years and for most of that I used it everyday and it's still going strong! Its just the colours in the Naked 3 that are a bit crap in my opinion x