WISHLIST | January.

There has been some serious lusting done this month.

With my spending ban the rest of the month seems to be taking forever, sigh. I may not be able to depart with cash, but I can metaphorically window shop. Internet window shop that is. These bits have been on my wishlist for a while, but I always seem to push back the purchase... who knows why? NARS Douceur is mine next payday! (Or the day after, when my spending ban ceases!) Also making the list are pointed assymetrical ZARA flats, A Tommy Guns Serum and Thierry Mugler Alien!

As you may have guessed by the comments about the way I store my lipsticks in my recent Lipstick Tag, I'm not happy with my set up... not just  for lipsticks but for all of my cosmetics to be honest. I'm well and truly in need of this Muji 5 Drawer unit! Still haven't worked out what to do about my lipsticks but I'm sure I will soon enough. Speaking of lips, the Clarins Instant Light Perfectors have caught my attention recently...

Finally, and probably the biggest lust of the month has to be a Kate Spade Metro Watch; I'm definitely one of those people who likes to deviate from the norm and the fact it is so difficult to get hold of Kate Spade in the UK just makes me want it even more.

Hope to stay strong though! Just a week left to go and then I'm let loose on the high street!

Samantha xo