The Weekly Edit #6

Not got much done this week, my hours have gone down at work as of today too which sucks but hey ho! May be moving again in the next week too to save myself nearly £50 a week on rent, fingers crossed that works out! I can actually enjoy the money I've earnt then instead of putting it entirely on rent, wah. On Monday we went to a pub quiz on a whim and ended up winning (YAY!). The prize was a £25 bar tab between the 5 of us so we waited all week so we could get LOADS of tequila on a night out. You should have seen the bar peoples faces, they were just laughing at us wincing with the tequila ahah! So yeah, I went on the first proper night out I've had in about 3 weeks last night, it was pretty good, think I may have lost my drinking mojo though because I couldn't seem to get into the night! Not much more to say about this week really, its been a slow one!

Been really addicted to this song this week too!

Seize the Beautiful xo

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