LOOK | And then it all turned orange

It's my day off, I've had absolutely nothing to do and was getting a little bored. So I had an idea, and filmed myself getting ready. I've wanted to for a while because I love watching Get Ready With Me videos and I thought that you guys might find it interesting...maybe? Who knows.

Anyway here is my own Get Ready With Me. Was quite fun to mess around pretending I knew anything about filming or editing - SPOILER: I don't, so don't be surprised that I somehow managed to cut the music out a little before the end of the video aha! It's what I would call a dramatic everyday look. Hope you enjoy!

P.S. In the video i'm sat directly next to a window, the lighting makes it look as though my left side is significantly more subtle than my right. I assure you it wasn't aha!

Seize the Beautiful xo


  1. I love videos like this- you did a great job! It's always fun to see other bloggers' makeup application techniques and shade choices. Love the eye makeup here and the lipstick you chose to go with it is perfect :)



    1. Thanks, it's one of my faves at the moment :) xo