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MUA Luxe Kooky, NYX Hunk, Seventeen Pink Posey, MAC Cyber, Bite Beauty Lavender.

It's been a while since I've posted, a hectic week and no time to sit down and write a decent post. I'm so excited to sit down Saturday morning and get a good few hours of Bloglovin reading in, I'm having withdrawals! Anyway, today's post surrounds two of my favourite things: Autumn and purple lipsticks! Now, I have to admit that I don't do the whole season appropriate lips thing but I know a lot of people do so given the fact that purple is a staple autumn/winter tone I thought I'd give you a run down of my favourite picks and a little review of the formulas! Let's do this!

MUA Luxe Kooky
This is my newest lipstick purchase and it was definitely bought on a whim! The MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquers are a hidden drugstore gem as far as I'm concerned. They cost just £3 and rival some of my high end matte alternatives for sure! Kooky is a gorgeous deep purple and my god is it striking! The application is incredibly smooth and the colour is so opaque too! It builds well, doesn't clump at all and is just a stunning matte finish without being drying! There is a downside to it though, it doesn't last a hell of a long time if you eat/ drink/ play with your lips (Like me!) but to be honest when it comes to dark shades I'm always on point with upkeep so that really doesn't bother me. The good definitely outweighs the bad with these!

NYX Hunk
This, for me, is a transitional shade and it's one that can ease you into wearing purple lips. The NYX Butter lipsticks are so comfortable and moisturising and this shade applies so beautifully that it's a perfect end of summer/ start of autumn purple-toned pink. I love it and I'm sure anyone else who tries it will as well! Not to mention it is cheap as chips!

Seventeen Pink Posey
I've had this colour forever and it is a safe purple toned pink which is daytime appropriate. It's so comfortable and can be applied heavily for a eye-catching shade or lightly for a more bitten kind of look. I've repurchased this shade twice, that definitely attests to how much I like it!

MAC Cyber
My favourite of this list! It's a very dark, vixen purple colour which is perfect for an autumn/winter night out. I love the formula of this too, it's an Amplified finish so really packs a punch and wears well whilst still being comfortable. It's not matte which I think makes it a bit easier to wear and I'm so looking forward to wearing this when it gets to those bitterly cold British autumn/winter months. This shade with gold on the eyes is so beautiful! I may do a look post soon with it :)

Bite Beauty Lavender.
Bite Beauty Crème Lipsticks are the most smooth lipsticks I have ever worn, they actually feel like a balm and work like one too! Usually, that property means that there is little pigment but this shade really provides a nice amount of colour and looks stunning for both daytime and nightime. It's probably one of the least scary purple toned lipsticks I own so I definitely think it's one for those who need to ease into rocking a purple lip. It's a bit of a pain in the arse you have to ship it from America but Sephora is pretty good for fast delivery and I do think it's one of those products that is worth the fuss!

So there you have it: My favourite purples! Which one do you think is nicest?

Sam xo
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  1. MAC Cyber is one of my favourite colours of all time! I love your picks x

    Sunaina ❃

    1. Thanks, stunning isn't it! I think it's one of my favourite of my entire collection! x

  2. Great post :)
    You should try Mac 'Heroine', its a beautiful shade of purple! It was in my monthly favourites for August! Nothing beats a purple lipstick xx

    1. I've seen some swatches of it, definitely gonna have a look next time I'm at MAC. Thanks for the recommendation! x

  3. Ooooh they all look gorgeous. I think the swatch of the MUA one is actually my favourite!

    1. It is beautiful isn't it! I couldn't get over how affordable it is too! x

  4. In love with the shades you have, so pretty!
    xprincessjas | x

  5. Ah, I love a purple lip for Fall! I must check out NYX Hunk and (if I'm feeling brave) MAC Cyber :)


    1. Cyber took a while for me to pluck the courage up to buy but honestly it's one of my favourites in my whole make up collection! I reckon you should go for it x