LOOK | Dramatic Days.

Lately I've thrown out my err on the side of caution everyday eye makeup and adopting a bit more of a dramatic crease colour. I think it makes my eyes stand out more, a nice contrast to my light eyes and is also super simple..

For my eyeshadow I took Urban Decay's Bootycall in my tear duct, contrasted it heavily with MAC Handwritten taken through the crease and on the outer half of the eye. It's a great look for my eye shape as it elongates my almond shape eyes and pulls my eyes farther apart. To finish off I took Urban Decay's Tease on the bottom lashline and topped it off with my signature black eyeliner, courtesy of L'Oreal Super Liner.

Tada. Super easy, wearable and a bit more striking that the norm. Hope you enjoyed this post and I'll be back soon!

Seize the Beautiful xo


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    1. Cheers Shannon, I like how it turned out too! Been rocking it quite alot lately :) xo

  2. Your eyebrows are perfect!! :D

    Your latest follower on Bloglovin' and GFC, Lauren x

    1. Thats so sweet thank you! I'll check your blog out now :) xo

  3. I really like the look! Looks very natural:)

    Laila | Townhouse Palette