The Weekly Edit #4

This week started off amazingly on Tuesday after feeling a bit down I got a phone call from Dorothy Perkins -who I interviewed for a few weeks back for a 20 hour position and didn't manage to get the job - and they offered me a job starting next week. It's less hours than I had desired but I really can't be fussy. It means I get to stay in my Uni town over summer which is quite nice as it's my last summer there. Obviously, that meant that I had to come back to Aberystwyth today instead of next week, which is a bit sucky but whatever, I have a job now! So happy.

A bit less exciting, but still worth noting is that I tried the Tresemme Platinum Strength Intensive Hair Masque this week and I will be reviewing it soon - as well as buying a whole new skincare routine, it was about time to be honest. I have really enjoyed it so far. This week I re-bleached my hair too. My mother thinks it looks far blonder but to be honest I don't really see all that much difference. Just nice to have it looking fresh :)

Other than that I spent the week relaxing at my parents and with woofy's, catching up with friends at Cardiff Bay and even got some gifts for my birthday early, it isn't for another two weeks, but I won't be home so it was a nice gesture. Now I'm back in Aberystwyth, really wanting to get myself into a routine, I wan't to really start to build up a wealth of knowledge for my dissertation topic before I have to begin writing it in October. On top of that I want to get back into blogging on the regular and writing more, my friend has asked me to help contribute to his section of the University newspaper next term which will be great. So, yeah, I think I'm going to get scheduling myself! Feeling good!

Just one more thing, i've just starting using Amazine, it's a really interesting platform which allows you to create your own 'magazine'. I really like it! Thought you might too, if you end up signing up I'd love it if you checked out my page (link here).

Hope your week was good!

Seize the Beautiful xo

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