Monday's Manicure #10

Sinful Colors Big Daddy.

Firstly, please excuse the appaling state on my little fingernail. That needs to be redone! Now onto the post...

A bit more summery and certainly out of my comfort zone, I picked up Sinful Colors Big Daddy (So hard to leave Colour spelled in the American way!)  last week and just had to paint my nails with it immediately. I have been looking at NARS Madness and um-ing and ah-ing and I thought that I would try this first; they are pretty similar. In fact probably the same colour, I'm not too impressed with the formula and probably will end up buying NARS Madness but for £1.99 I am thoroughly impressed with my first experience with Sinful Colors. Kudos!

Seize the Beautiful xo


  1. Yes, Sinful Colors is an amazing brand!
    Love that color though, I might have to pick it up.

    (^з^)-☆ Dizzy

    1. It's the perfect orange red, reminds me of Chanel Holiday in real life! Definitely worth a go! xo