Deer in headlights, but yeah.

This is my hair, as it is now. I've had my hair ombre'd for just about a year now and i'm so happy with it. I feel like it's the perfect mix of playful and mature. In this post i'm going to let you know how I keep my hair in the best condition I can - Let's just forget that it's bleached ;)

Colourants I use

I've never been particularly comfortable with the idea of someone else dying my hair, as bad as it sounds, I rather do it myself because if it's messed up then it's on my back! To lighten my hair I use Jerome Russell BBlonde Hair Lightener in the shade intended for Medium/ Dark Brown hair. It's what I've always used and at £5.99 it's a very cheap alternative to salon colouring.

I just smooth it through my ends messily and brush the highest areas i'm bleaching through, to ensure it looks like a gradient. I then brush the front of my hair, for the same reason. I don't use foil or anything, I just let the bleach sit for 15 minutes and then wash it off. Simple.

Cleansing routine

Every other day I wash my hair, for no particular reason other than habit. As you may have already guessed if you read my blog often, the shampoo and conditioner range that I use are the John Frieda Smooth Start line. Although not tailored for coloured hair, they and very moisturising which is my main focus when choosing hair care. Plus, although I may be wrong, I don't necessarily count peroxide as a colourant as it doesn't fade in the same way as hair dye.

If I need it, I will use a dry shampoo in between washes. Or if I wash my hair less often that usual because i'm busy. My go to is Batiste Dry Shampoo in blush, however I've been trialing out the Percy & Reed Dry Shampoo instead because my Batiste is very drying and stiff on the hair.

Occasional treatments

When my hair feels particularly overwhelmed by product,  I use a more clarifying shampoo such as Timotei Pure 0%, it's incredibly effective at giving a deep clean and is so cheap! On the other hand, where my hair feels particularly dry (I've not had to carry this step out nearly as often since picking up the Smooth Start Shampoo) I will use the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, it's such a moisturising, gorgeous smelling product!

I know it's bad but I never use serums or heat-protection on my hair, I think my hair is quite tough due to its thickness. And that's about it! Hope this helped if  you have or are looking to ombre your hair!

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  2. Your hair looks great! So healthy and shiny. Love the ombre effect :)


  3. Your hair looks great, I never dare to color my hair on my own but as I don´t want to pay salon colouring I always ask my boyfriend´s mum to dye my hair :D

    1. Thanks :) I used to be like that but then took the plunge and realised there wasn't all that much that I could mess up!