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I watched this on Chelseawears and decided to do it so that you guys can get to know me a little better. If you feel like doing it yourself, I tag you!

I thought i'd include a picture, little bit more personal than most posts I make. It's me and all of my housemates last halloween. Looking a little worse for wear, very made up and a little drunk - shh.

Vital Statistics

Name : Samantha Marriott

Nicknames: Sam, when I was younger I was called Sammy Jo or Spam. Glad they died out!

Birthday: 6th July 1992

Place of Birth : I was born in Cardiff, Heath Hospital to be precise!

Star Sign: Cancer.

Occupation: I'm a student, I want to work for the EU after uni though, or something political at least.


Hair colour: Naturally i'm a mousy brown with blonde and red, I'm not too fond. Currently I have ombre'd hair, and I love it!

Hair length: Boobs?

Eye colour: An icy blue (:

Best feature: I'm gonna cop out and say eyes. I like that i've got pale eyes and a thick black 'lining' on the outside of my iris.

Braces: Never, been really lucky with my teeth. Maybe they are my favourite feature actually. Really wish they were whiter though.

Piercings: Just my ears, i'm a bit of a scaredy cat! I had such big ideas when I was younger, glad that I never followed through though. I don't think i'd look good with snakebites!

Tattoos: Same as above really. I'm too scared. But I love tattoo's generally. I really want some and I have one drawn out and another idea in my head but I just need to work up the nerve. My sister said she'd buy me a tattoo for my 18th and 2 years later i'm still too scared to take her up on it.

Righty of Lefty: Righty.


Best friend: Her name was Grace, she was my best friend when I lived in London. I don't remember anything other than that. 

Award: Who knows? I'm not particularly competitive or skilled.

Sport: I used to dance when I was little. I was super into ballet, just faded out of it. I'd say that.

Real Holiday: Umm, the first holiday that I can really remember was in Disneyland Paris. I only remember it because i'm tortured by the thought of getting lost in an Alice in Wonderland maze, being chased by the cards and the queen of hearts! Traumatic. Don't laugh ;)

Concert: Blink 182 in the Cardiff International Arena. I loved it, it was amazing. They didn't play Always though, I remember being really pissed about that ahah.


Film: Clerks 2. Amazing, I recommend it to all of you!

TV Show: True Blood at the moment, but there are plenty of others that I really love. I adore Sex and The City too!

Colour: Purple!

Song: Hmm, that's hard. At the moment it has gotta be 'Say What I Feel' by The Overtones. Those men. Incredible.

Restaurant: I used to really like Zazzi or any Italian but since going to Italy i've gone off Italian food a little bit, it's never going to measure up to genuine Italy! So I don't know. I don't eat out too much.

Store: Hmm. I guess Topshop.

Book: Don't really have one.

Magazine: GQ.

Shoes: At the moment it's gotta be nude shoes, any nude shoes. I'm loving my nude platform courts at the moment!


Feeling: Sweet. 

Single or Taken: Single

Eating: Nothing, it's 2am.

Listening to: Right Here by Justin Bieber and Drake.

Thinking about German. I'm teaching myself basic German ready for a formal class next year and i've just done a lesson.

Watching Nothing, i'm writing this. I just watched Russel Brand's documentary on BBC iPlayer though. It's worth a watch, go ahead!

Wearing Black tank top and polkadot pj bottoms. Regular fashionista.


Want Children: Not really.

Want to be married: Sure do.

Careers in mind: Politics. I want to qualify as a barrister when i've had a few years in civil service too.

Where do you want to live Germany.

Do you believe in

God: I really would like to, I just feel stupid doing it with all of the logic against it. I'm by no means an Athiest.

Miracles: Not at all.

Love at first sight: Nah, not that much of a romantic!

Ghosts: Nope

Aliens: Yeah, but not the conventional Paul type character.

Soul Mates: Not that there would be only one. I think you can have a connection with hundreds of people.

Heaven: Nope.

Hell: I think they call it Newport where i'm from ;)

Kissing on the first date: Why not, if you like them obviously.

Yourself: Yeah, why not?!

Hope you got to know me a little better! If you do this let me know below so I can read your tag! And here is the Chelseawears video, enjoy:

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