Cleaning your make up brushes!

If you use make up brushes regularly you'll know how necessary a cleansing routine for them is!

I've gone through the motions trying to find the best way.

First of all I used shampoo, which wasted my Aussie so badly! But it did work well. So if you're up for needing to buy shampoo twice as fast as you normally would then go for that! But I've tried a few other ways of cleaning them which i'll share with you. I think i've finally settled on a way which is simple, not particularly expensive and that i'm comfortable with.

When I realised that shampoo wasn't the best option I looked for cheap brush cleansers and came across this one from e.l.f. It's call the Brush Shampoo and it's from the Studio line. It is pretty effective and quite inexpensive at only £3.75. For that price it's perfectly good.

But, I got quickly bored with this. The smell for me is far too strong and I just wanted either a different cleaning method or a nicer cleanser. That prompted me to look on youtube and I came across this video by Michelle Phan which showed an at-home cleaning method that was supposedly far cheaper that using a brush cleanser.

So yeah, I used to make a homemade cleaning concoction that I learned from watching this video.

Again, I did this for a couple of months but I then found that my brushes were getting TOO conditioned, and felt oily. Not desirable. It was probably just me getting the mixture wrong but nonetheless, I continued my search for a cleanser that suited me.

I've now found one that I love, it cleans my brushes well, it feels as though it conditions them too and plus it smells pretty nice too. It smells clean, which is handy! It's simply called Estee Lauder Makeup Brush Cleanser. Witty, no?

This costs £11, which isn't ideal. But I like it, it's my preferred brush cleaner. I've yet to try the MAC Brush cleaner but i'm pretty convinced its going to be exactly the same formula as the Estee Lauder given that Estee Lauder own MAC and they are both pink. 

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  1. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog and for being a follower! I've just had a good old nose through your blog and I will be following as soon as I've posted this comment! If you're after a cheap shampoo for giving your brushes a deep clean then Johnsons baby shampoo is brilliant! I've got the MAC brush cleanser but I'd be interested in trying Estee Lauder's version even though I bet they're exactly the same!!



    1. It's really good, I definitely recommend it. I may check that out when my make up remover runs out! Nearly at the end! Thanks for following, really appreciate it :) xo