Elf Brightening Eye Colo(u)r review.

I know the in brackets 'u' was kinda petty, but it just looked weird, sorry!

Okay, so. I love reading beauty blogs, watching beauty guru's on youtube, anything about make up and i'm on it, so I've obviously been dumbfounded by appraisals of ELF (Eyes Lips Face). The brand itself is so cheap that I thought that they would be shocking quality but i've made two orders from them so far and they arent nearly as bad as I thought they would be.
In my most recent order I bought a few of the Elf Brightening Eye Colour's to check them out. I've seen them on many blogs, swatched and ranted about so I thought for £1.50 (Or a dollar in the US, so not fair!) its not that much of a loss to try them myself.

At this point I would usually say how shocking I think the packaging is (..and it is - plastic and flimsy), but i'll let that slide because the price is so insanely low. The first thing that struck me really was how small the individual colours are, only about the length of my thumbnail, but whatever, they have to save money somehow, right? But one thing I detest about these eye shadows is the fact that they are triangular, its so awkward. Not a fan of triangular pans - you learn something new everyday!

(The triangle pans also made it hard to swatch, and when I did manage to do so, it wasn't a good result so I decided to only show the good swatch, which was the Day to Night pallete.)

Day to Night

I love this array of colours. This quad is the whole reason I went to the ELF webshop that day, because I'd watched a video on emilynoel83's youtube channel which featured it. The shadows in this pallete are well pigmented, sadly I cannot say the same for the other two colours I bought but I do think with a correctly matched eye shadow base the colour pay off will be good enough with all of these colours. I hope, anyway.

Nouveau Neutrals

Regardless of the disappointing colour payoff of Butternut and Nouveau Neutrals, the feel of the eyeshadows is really nice and smooth. They blend quite well, so the formula is well worth the money, but I do think that you need to be careful when picking which quad to buy. I think the darker the more impressive with these Brightening Eye Colour's, saying that though, the navy kind of colour in the Day to Night pallete was a little chalky. 

I can't decide whether I'm happy I paid the £4.50 for these or not.

I'm not entirely sure whether I will be ordering from ELF Cosmetics again. I know that people rave about how cheap they are but personally I think there may be a good reason for how cheap they are. Sorry ELF. Not 100% impressed.

ELF can be bought from www.eyeslipsface.co.uk (UK) or www.eyeslipsface.com (US)

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  1. Great read, I have tried few of there products. I found you on beautylish, but you don't have a Follow button so no one can follow your blog!

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  2. Oh no! Thanks for pointing this out, I'm not sure how that happened. But thanks for reading, i'll try work out how to get the follow button on there!