Barry M Wink Marker Pen Eyeliner & Bold Waterproof Eyeliner review w/ swatches

 Barry M Wink Marker Pen Eyeliner

I would love this product if it wasn't for the fact it burnt my eyes and made them water like there was no tomorrow. I do have to point out here that my sister has one of these too and hers didn't do that. 

It's not the darkest marker buy you can achieve different size lines with it because the tip is well tapered, I swatched both a thick and thin line below for you. 

For the price it is,  £4.59 (ASOS), it's good enough, but still it's nothing to shout about. Unless its burning your eyes, like it did mine, in which case shout to your hearts desire.

I regret buying it, that's a first for a Barry M product. I have never liked eyeliner pens, and i'm going off of liquid eyeliner so take that into consideration!

Barry M  Bold Waterproof Eyeliner

I don't really have much to say about this product, its very good. But this will sound like an odd review.

It is very good, like I said. Just not at what it is meant to be good at.

It's blendable. Its VERY black. It goes on nicely. The packaging is pretty nice. Those things are why I like itI feel like it would be a good base because it is so creamy.  BUT as for waterproof, I don't think so. My eyes are a good test because they are very sensitive and water at any sign of irritation - this ran when my eyes watered so that's not exactly what you look for in a waterproof eyeliner, is it?

But, anyway.  I think it should be marketed differently because waterproof is not what I experienced from this product.  And only £3.99 (ASOS) so that's pretty good!

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