REVIEW | Origins Maskimizer

£18.50 from Debenhams or John Lewis

A mask primer? When this launch landed in my email inbox I was immediately intrigued. I have very dry and dehydrated skin so any product designed to lock in moisture and help my skin absorb my skincare better has me on a string. I bought this on the day of its release along with the Origins Skin Drink Mask (So amazing for dry skin!) and it was a little cheaper than normal. This rather small bottle will set you back £18.50, so is it worth it? Well, in If you are someone like me who revels in pampering yourself and enjoys trying new things then this could be a purchase for you but it is a gimic as far as I can tell.

Having such dry skin I was really optimistic about this but I haven't noticed any difference in the outcome of wear my regular masks. I always steam my face with a warm towel before applying a mask to open up my pores so perhaps that step has made the primer redundant but I just can't justify this for performance against the cost. I would save the £18.50 that this will cost you and put it toward a mask with better ingredients to get the most out of your paper session!

Sam xo
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