A letter between friends.

To you,

I created this blog a few years ago now so that I could share my passion for cosmetics and love of the beauty industry and over this past summer a lot more people have jumped on my readership and nothing has made me happier. Given that I'm no longer a student and I work full time I have had to put my blog on the back burner a little which really is not something I'm happy about. There has been far bigger gaps in between my posts than I will ever be happy with and all I can do is say sorry to you all for that! I'm dealing with a lot of changes at the moment and trying to organise myself is harder than I ever could have expected. For someone who is as organised as me, it's affecting me badly to be honest. I felt the need to write this post just to explain a couple of things to you all and hopefully I can turn things back around and get my blog amongst many other things back to the standard that I want them to be in.

In the past few months I have had a huge transition from leaving university, all my friends and a town that I absolutely adore. I've started working full time in a role that is really exciting but something I still haven't been able to break ground with and in all honestly I'm not myself at the moment in the slightest. Living under someone else's roof is not something I'm used to and my anxiety levels are peaked!! It's pretty much because of that that I have lost a bit of a spark and that has unfortunately made me loose a bit of passion with writing and the whole idea of blogging. I'm hoping that things are going to turn around given time, that I can get back to being myself and deal with the fact that I have to change my lifestyle completely in order to work things out to be how I want them to be and how I had planned for them to be in the first place.

I hope that you all can understand where I'm coming from, everyone has ups and downs and I feel like I've flat-lined a little bit in the past few weeks because I didn't really appreciate how much my circumstances have changed. I'm going to be realistic for the time being and commit myself to one post a week, hopefully I will be able to do more but I'd rather limit my commitment here for the time being to make sure I don't place my focus in the wrong area.

I hope that you'll all stick around, continue to read sjmcdf and interact with me here because I love writing, I love my blog and I love that it's somewhere I get to build connections with people on a common interest because that was what my intention was to begin with!

I hope you're all around to catch my next few posts!
Samantha xo


  1. I just finished university as well, and it was definitely a huge life change for me! Totally understand what you are going through <3


  2. I love, love you blog! Don't worry, we're gonna stay with you no matter what;)

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