REVIEW | Save The Nail Repair & Rescue Base Coat

Save The Nail Repair & Rescue Base Coat £7.50

I wanted to write a quick review of this Save The Nail Repair & Rescue Base Coat for two reasons: Firstly, it actually works and secondly I don't know why there isn't more about it in the blogging world. It's formulated for people with serious nail damage from false nails and acrylics (etc.) but I picked it up to try for myself anyway! My nails have always been quite brittle and tend to break easily but since I've been using this product I haven't had any of that! After using this just under my nail polish for about 3 weeks I have seen my nails become stronger, less prone to breakage and it has also whitened my nails quite a bit too! I love this stuff, it's become holy grail for me in a minuscule amount of time! 

It's available from Boots for only £7.50! Bargain! If you have issues with your nails being a little discoloured or breaking easily, try this! You won't regret it, I'm sure. 

Sam xo
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  1. I will be giving this a go, my nails are in a terrible state and need some help! Thanks for an informed post :) xx

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    1. Thanks Emma! I actually have not long done one, read it here if you'd like ( :) x

  3. Wow - this sounds incredible! And a fraction of the price of Nail Envy too. Definitely going to be picking a bottle of this up :)

    Eve & Faye x
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    1. It's so much better! I used to use nail envy but gave up on it because it did nothing for my nails, the results from this were incredible though!