LOOK | Bad skin days.

For the most part, my skin is well-behaved at that certain point in the month I get an attack on my chin, thanks nature. I almost went to write "Thanks Obama" then, Jenna Marbles stylee. Anyway, I tend to try and take the focus away by making more of a statement with my eyes and I really liked how this particular look came out regardless of my skin being a bellend. Even though this eye make up is definitely noticeable and quite dark, I still think it's wearable, and could even be amped up for nighttime with a feline flick if you wanted to.

The eyes are super simple, I took Laura Mercier Caviar Eye Stick in Khaki - possibly my favourite find of this year - and smudged it along my lashline and blended it up past the crease, I love the colour, the pigmentation and the way it blends out. I then took a greenish-black colour from the Sleek Bad Gal palette and patted it into the outer v before blending it out. To finish the colour off, I took my Givency Terre Exotique through the crease and on the lower lashline, it really make everything seamless and added a bit more smoke. A few coats of Collection Does It All waterproof mascara and I'm good to go.

My base is all as I normally do so I won't bother with that but I have to give a huge shout out to the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, without that my chin right now is a red, sore looking mess. Moving on, I used extra bronzer today with the VIVO Baked Bronze Healthy Glow Shade 3, this product is beautiful, it's sort of bronzer/blush/highlight all in one. It provides warm, is a little orange - in a good way - which covers the blush and it has a luminous finish too. I love the effect it gives! On my lips I went for a pale nude and used Bite Beauty Retsina, it's formula is perfection.

I very rarely do anything to my hair through sheer laziness but after realising how easy a milkmaid braid was to do from a few YouTube tutorials I've added it to my arsenal of three hair looks.

I love how this whole look turned out, hopefully it look enough focus away from the mammoth on my chin.

Sam xo
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  1. I know the feels, my chin decides to have its own little pimple party every so often ;) Your eyes looks so big and beautiful x


    1. Ahh I'm so insecure about my eye size aha, always think they're like pissholes in the snow! Thank you :)

  2. You are such a beauty and your milkmaid braid is perfection. Xx

  3. I really wish I could do a milkmaid braid! But my hair is too thick. I didn't even notice a blemish! But same my chin is so prone ::(

    Find me at doitfortheirony.blogspot.com <3

    1. It's so simple! I have really thick hair too, I just use loads and loads of bobby pins, I'd keep trying it if I were you, it looks so pretty! x

  4. Such a beautiful look, Samantha! Those soft, smokey khaki tones are lovely on you. The hair is fab too! xo