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I follow countless personal style blogs and read some religiously but I wouldn't ever say that I take on board trends or other peoples style. I've said it countless times on here but I'm quite boring when it comes to clothes, I much prefer accessories and - Need I even say it? - make  up. Now that autumn is rearing it's beautiful heard there are a few things that I have found myself lusting after, in particular the Love Moschino Tassel bag, a similar style came on the ASOS site a few months back and I was so dissappointed when I found that it was a backpack. Luckily for me they came out with the exact same bag just a handheld version and I love the colour, really want it! Boots for me are a hot topic, I'm so fussy but I found something perfect in the H by Hudson Kiver Suede Boots in Beige. These sort of boots are my favourite for the colder months, I love the way they look, the colour suits so many outfits and the low heel makes you feel put together without the stress of painful shoes. What next? Well a couple of months back I was reading Vogue and in the back where they have products advertised I noticed Macabre Gadgets, this designer's style is right up by street and I really want to start investing in some of their pieces starting with the Raven Skull Ring in Black. I like quite unusual jewellery and I think that this is stunning! Finally, as if I hadn't said enough, I really want Essie Urban Jungle. I know a lot of people leave these sorts of colours for summer but I like pale nudes for winter too. Hopefully, somewhere will have it in stock soon!

I can't wait for the colder months, definitely my favourite time of the year! What's yours? Also, I'm going to write a few more AUTUMNAL themed posts in the coming weeks so keep a look out for them :)
Sam xo

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  1. The moschino bag is crazy beautiful, I nneeeed one for autumn and winter! Let me know if you find a good replacement or similar one, Jos xx

    1. I know isn't it! I'll let you know if I do! x

  2. Replies
    1. I know, prime bait for a handbag addict like me aha x

  3. I love the boots! in need of a new pair this year.

    I posted my autumn fashion wishlist over on my blog if you want to check it out