UPDATE | Oh, it's such a perfect day.

It's been a busy year (Instagram @sjmcdf)

Quarter past nine in the morning and I roll out of bed, open the door to let my dog out and I am suddenly overtaken by the five words scrawled over a piece of paper stuck on the wall next to my computer screen "Degree Classification Results 9am Thursday". I'd had the sinking feeling in my stomach for the week running up to this, a pessimist at heart I convinced myself that I wasn't going to get the grade I'd put all the effort in for. Turn on the computer, painstakingly wait for it to load up my student record before realising that I had forgotten the 8 character sequence of letters and numbers that comprised my password - I've not had to use it at this point for nearly 3 months and even before then it was auto-saved on my piece of crap uni laptop. Finally, I'm in. I squinted my eyes before seeing this beautiful screen.

I can't explain to you the overwhelming sense of relief I'm experiencing right now. Knowing that I worked hard enough to get my target grade of a 2:1. I'm ecstatic - hard work really does pay off. And of course I had the obligatory facebook freak out.

It's kind of strange for me to think that I am now a degree-wielding adult. For the past month and a half (Or so.) I have been scouring the pages of every recruitment agency, applying for every graduate job, reading 'job requirements' and trying to convince myself that I am good enough to just go for it! So far I've had a little bit of interest, an interview and another interview scheduled for tomorrow morning (Wish me luck!) I'm beyond ready to start a full time job, with responsibility... an income wouldn't hurt too bad at this point either.

Looking back on the past couple of months I am genuinely proud of myself. I passed my practical driving test in December, I've just completed my degree to a standard which makes me feel elated and above all that I moved from my university town - A home for the past for years where I made the best friends of my life - without having an emotional breakdown. It's been a good couple of months! I know a lot of you will have had or will be receiving your results pretty soon, good luck! I hope you get what you wanted and if not a grade isn't everything, keep on pushing!

All the best,
Sam xo