REVIEW | Bedhead Colour Goddess Shampoo & Conditioner

I've never been that interested in hair care, and still I remain unconvinced that any serum or mask will make a miraculous difference to what is essentially dead protein. As a result of this nonchalance I tend to switch up my 'routine' with every finish product. These hoes aint loyal to any brand. I recently picked up the Bedhead Colour Goddess system from feelunique (Because it was on offer and I'm a cheapskate ;) )and I have to say I have noticed a marked difference in the feel of my hair. I'm really happy with this routine, and quite unusually I have started to use the matching conditioner every few washes too - I'm most definitely not a conditioner type of girl. My hair has gone from dehydrated and frizzy to quick-drying, soft, shiny and manageable and it is thanks to nothing other than this particular Bedhead line. It's more expensive than I would normally look to pay, but I'd be happy to may the £26ish pounds solely for the significantly shorter drying time, nevermind the other benefits. If you've been dying your hair for a long time, like I have, and want a bit more of a healthy look, I recommend these 100%!

Sam xo

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