UPDATE | January Spending Ban & Dryathalon!

So what's new? Well, not much. Been super busy and neglected posts on here because of that! I've changed my hair - back to brunette! I'm heading into my last term of teaching at university and I've got exams soon - well actually they have been deferred by a week because of the storm front so I've got some time on my hands! Having an extra week has freed up my schedule so I can hopefully get another drafted chapter for my dissertation done. Isn't that interesting? I'm sure you couldn't give a flying... Well.

I'm endeavoring to start this blog back up with a post a week, and when I can write more I will. I'm going to attempt to write more for my university's blog and perhaps the newspaper too this term so I hope I can keep myself to that intention.

I've decided, perhaps against my better judgement to put myself on a spending ban for January to try and rein in on my ridiculous shopping habit! Christmas has just come around and I got a lot of goodies so I think now might be the right time to attempt a spending ban!

As of today I have been on a spending ban for four days and it's not been hassle really! Having said that I am at home and therefore have things bought for me but nonetheless I'm happy with those four days! I'm setting myself a £70 a week spending budget - some of you might think that to be a lot but trust me it isn't. Not when you factor in food shopping, uni and my beloved Costa and Subway! Also, as a sort of consequence of my friends deciding to take part in the Dryathalon (Staying alcohol free for January!) I thought I may as well do the same. Some people I know are doing it for charity so I'll leave there links here (1, 2) if you'd like to contribute! Considering I go out on average 2 nights a week this is the one I'm more worried about! I'm thinking that doing the two together will make me happier come the end of the month when I look at my bank balance, if I don't go out drinking I'll save around £60 a week anyway!

Hope your new year has got off to a flying start. Catch you next week!

Samantha xo


  1. Good luck with both!! Will be worth it to see your bank balance at the end of the month! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

    1. Here's hoping! Thanks for the well wishes! Fingers crossed it goes well! xo