REVIEW | Lush Skin Drink.

In my early teens skincare was the least of my worries, my skincare routine was just reactionary. Luckily I didn't have skin problems like acne however I did have awfully dry skin - when I was five or six I had a spout of mild psoriasis and it's gone now but I still do get some dry patches when the weather turns. My skin is therefore quite sensitive, extremely thirsty and requires a decent moisturiser to suit these issues.

At around 17 I stumbled into Lush randomly and chose the first moisturiser I liked the smell of (Priorities.) Luckily, the choice I made was Lush's Skin Drink. It is a really intensive, winter-suitable moisturiser that leaves the skin feeling enriched and quenched! I love this stuff! It smells like Easter to me...Think roses or hot crossed buns. Yummy. It's more of an evening moisturiser because it is very thick and takes a while to sink into the skin. Still, I would recommend this to anyone suffering with dry patches or dehydrated skin. It is gorgeous and fairly cheap at only £11.95.

Would you or have you tried this?

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