REVIEW | Laura Mercier Silk Creme w/ Beauty Blender.

Did someone say static?

It's always been clear that I'm in love with make up but I think my recent purchase of the Beauty Blender showed to what extent I am obsessed with cosmetic purchases and how easily I am influenced by blogs and YouTube. I've been interested in adding the Beauty Blender to my collection for nearly a year, but at arounnd £15 (Depending on where you buy it from) I couldn't justify the price for a sponge that I was certain wouldn't live up to the hype. I got an email with a discount code for Beauty Bay a few months ago and took the plunge, so it was a little cheaper. I've got to say, I'm happy I spent the money and purchased it.

This photo isn't edited past being brightened slightly. That's mental to me. I used the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation in Soft Ivory for my foundation for a night out last week and when applied with the Beauty Blender my face looked diffused and blurred to perfection. I've never seen my skin look like that before. Laura Mercier is a brand that's growing high in my estimations. I am so impressed with the few products that I have from Laura Mercier so far. This foundation lasted beautifully, didn't mask my skin but provided good coverage. The only qualm I could voice would be that the colour is a little more yellow than would be ideal for my skin tone, but that's easily solved with some blending down the neck. I love this foundation. I love the beauty blender. I'm an all round happy camper.

Have you tried it?
Samantha xo


  1. Damn your skin looks so flawless! I'm very on the fence with the BeautyBlender, not that I'm doubting the results, but I'm more concerned about hygiene haha
    Your eyes look so sultry looking in this pic too ;)

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    1. I've found it quite easy to keep clean with just soap and water but I know they do an amazing beauty blender cleanser too! x