The Weekly Edit #9

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I feel like I haven't blogged in forever, and that's because I haven't. Right now I'm sat in my friends house stealing his internet. I'm in week 3 of having no internet, other than my phone, and it has been horrible. You don't know how much you depend on the internet until you don't have it readily available! So what's new? New house; Internet-free until Tuesday but I've moved, which I'm so glad of. New term; University starts tomorrow and I'm so ready, I'm in the let's do this mindset! New season; The autumnal waves of cold have hit my town and I'm not ready for once! Need to do some shopping for necessities...the worst kind of shopping. Hence why I am putting it off! Hopefully, I'll be posting more regularly. Need to get my routine on point, learning curve of how to juggle work, uni, friends and learning to drive. Wish me luck!

Sam xo

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