The Weekly Edit #8

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So, what have I been doing lately? The short answer is working, as much as possible! Racked  up nearly 100 hours this month, which may not sound much to most, but considering I'm on an 8 hour a week contract, that's pretty jammy for me! The 5 week month has really hit me hard so I'm dying for payday! Really looking forward to going home in 2 weeks now too, see family and friends and have a weeks break from Aberystwyth. Booked a hairdressers appointment for then and I'm seriously considering cutting my hair short, like the picture above! What do you think?

Lack of money has led to me taking advantage of the beautiful town in which I live, been going on lots of walks which is lovely :) Also visited a friends home town last week and went on a night out there, even though it wasn't my home, I still got that homely feeling which is nice :) Even got some cheeky chocolates to munch on there. Can't complain! What have you guys been up to?

Sam xo

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