Right, I'm so sorry for the insane lack of posts in the past few weeks. The end of term came right around and snuck up on me, as did the flu and by the time I got home for the Christmas break, I got ill again and have only really gotten back around to the whole blogging scene.

Thank you to new followers by the way, I really appreciate you!

***Oh, and I hope you all had a ridiculously good Christmas!

So a new years resolution...a little early but whatever. I plan to make sure to do a post every Saturday or Sunday if not more! In the past I wrote way more regularly but I've realised it wasn't realistic! So starting this weekend, this will be a weekly blog; My first post is going to be all of the stand out products of 2012!

Thanks to everyone who's followed, commented and bothered with Seize the Beautiful, I appreciate it! Any new years resolutions you've got set?! Comment and let me know!

Seize the Beautiful! xo

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