MAC: My Opinion.

I haven't written a post like this in a while, a real wordy, makeup focused one. Here goes nothing...

Now, I was going to begin this post by saying that I didn't own much MAC and this was an opinion on the few things I've tried and then I actually thought about it and my previous 'I don't own much' has been realised as a lie which I think has stemmed from watching other peoples MAC collections being exhibited on youtube. I now think I have enough product to make a quite valued opinion. Obviously, I'm not going to comment on what I've not tried so i'll break this post up a bit.


Way back when (Around 2008) I used to use Studio Fix Fluid in NC15, the only reason I know my MAC skin reference is because of this. As good a match as this was for my skin I moved on from it because it was nothing special, and for a £20.50 price-tag I obviously wanted more, at the time. Considering the foundation I now use costs £28.00 and goes above and beyond anything I've tried I think the price of this was just stupid. So yeah, the foundation I've tried was okay, would be promising if it were about a tenner cheaper. Don't get me wrong I did repurchase this a few times, twice I think. I just fell victim to the belief that because it was MAC it was worth the money, now I've experimented more with makeup I know that MAC isn't the be all and end all - Spoiler Alert for the rest of the post! Well kind of...

When I first went in to get matched for a foundation at MAC the cunning saleswoman persuaded me to also buy the Prep + Prime Face Protect. What was going through her mind is beyond me! At this point I didn't have any real knowledge of what was best for me, but if I went into MAC now and someone suggested this product to me I would throw it at their face - not really, but I'd tell them no straight off the bat. Firstly I have normal/dry skin, I don't need a primer, particularly not one which is "Specially formulated with oil-absorbing powder, helps prevent oil breakthrough". Guess she was better at sales than makeup.

The next product I bought from MAC was their eyeshadows, I have quite a few, 12 as part of Holiday palettes and then around 6 in my own MAC Palette. Again, I was dumbfounded by the MAC name when I got these. No one ever says this but MAC eyeshadows aren't that good. They don't have ridiculous pigment, they blend adequately and they have minimal fallout but that's nothing extraordinary. Having said that, I would buy more, I would just be more careful about which to buy, at £10 I have to be really.  I've got my eye on Contrast and Woodwinked at the moment, they have a similar formula to Copperish which I already own and love.

Onto the MAC that I really rate!

MAC Lip Pencil's are the best formula for lip liners that I have found thus far. They are the right mix between stiff (To allow for precision) and soft (To allow for a pleasant application). They do cost £11.50 but they are massive! You get about 15cm or 1.45 grams of product, and they last forever. Brilliant, I wouldn't hesitate to buy many, many more. The same goes for MAC Lipstick, I bought my first MAC Lipstick about 7 months ago and I now own around 9, MAC is my favourite lipstick brand. I know that they cost £14 and it would be more preferable to buy a lipstick that didn't cost the equivalent of a piece of clothing  but they are worth it, it's that simple. They last well, don't sink into the creases of my lips and they just feel luxurious. My current favourite is Creme Cup!

Another thing to mention is their advertising campaigns, they are always stunning, nearing Illamasqua quality if you ask me!

So overall, I'm not MAC's greatest fan, but I can appreciate the brand and I am in now way going to stop purchasing from them because of my experience. I'm actually looking into buying a MAC concealer, don't know which is best just yet though!

Let me know what you think of MAC below! If you havent already follow, pretty please :)
Seize the Beautiful xo


  1. Such a good post I only own mac mascara and eyeliner, I do like the kohl eyeliner but the liquid one is so clumpy. What foundation do you now use if you don't mind me asking? xx

    1. Awh thankyou :) At the moment I'm using two different ones depending on how much effort I want to look like i've put in aha. If i'm going out or need to look polished I use the YSL Le Teint Touch Eclat in BR10 and when i'm just like running errands or whatever I'm using my Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in Light 21 :) xo

  2. I agree with you on a lot of this. I think because of MACs reputation, people go there and buy anything and everything, assuming that it will be the best. They have some great products that I love, but I don't own a lot of MAC in my makeup collection. Simply, I think there are better brands that are worth that extra bit of money for. It's nice to see a post like this - honest!

    1. Yeah, exactly the same. I think there are just too many good alternatives to rave about it as much as people do! Thanks for the comment :)