YOUTUBE | Who I'm Watching #1.

If you are anything like me and you love watching YouTube in search for new channels or some makeup tips then you will also always be ready to find new YouTube gurus, ones you relate to, whether in style , humour or even something as simple as complexion! So, whilst thinking about what posts to do to make up for my hiatus from blogging I thought that I would share with you my top 5 YouTubers.

In this post i'll tell you why I love their channel enough to subscribe and show one my favourite videos of there to give you a taste - given you've never watched them before.

5. Little Kiva

So, so talented! Her make up tutorials are flawless and really helpful! And she's got a pretty sound sense of humour, watch this! Obviously, this doesn't showcase how good at makeup she is but you can have a nosey around her channel for that if you're interested!

4. Shaaanxo

I really nice channel, she has great taste in makeup! Seems like a really genuine girl too!

3. Shell Barbie & BeautybyBrittneyx

These two, for me, go together. I found their channels at the same time and I love watching their videos for the same reason - they are so funny! They do all of the normal video's they just make it far more interesting that the average!

2. Chelsea Wears

Again, I think ChelseaWears is a great channel just because of her humour, she has great style too. And she is pale like me, doesn't hurt when she recommends products! I have bought quite a few lipsticks purely because of how they looked on her and on her recommendation.

1 . Bunny's Beauty Channel

By far my most watched channel, she updates really reguarly which is always nice and she has great style. She also chats crap aha, I love her personality, I think she's great!

This was harder than I first expected, there's way more I really love! Anyways, I hope you've enjoyed this and that I may have helped you find some new great youtubers to subscribe to!

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  1. Hey Samantha, thanks so much. I love 'em all ....

    1. No problem :) Thanks for checking the post out xo

  2. I really like your channel ♥ Following - follow back? xo

    1. Thanks, I have done, you've got a great blog :) xo

  3. I'm going to check these gurus out, thanks! xx