Top 5 Nail Colours for Autumn/ Winter.

I re-organised my nail polish collection and found some old gems that had been pushed to the back for the spring summer season and they inspired me to pick my top 5 colours for Autumn and Winter. I don't necessarily buy the whole "Winter is for vampy cold shades and Summer is for fun bright shades" deal. I think, wear what you want. Having said that, I do get why people do it! So here are my top five manicures for the colder months. Hope you enjoy!

Summer to Autumn transition - Essie She's Picture Perfect.

I'm wearing this on my nails as I write this post. I own a lot of lilac polishes but this is somewhat unique because it falls more on the blue side. It has the most finely milled pink shimmer to make it that bit extra special. I think this is perfect for any month of the year and its such a muted colour that its suitable for any occasion. Beautiful to say the least!

An earthy sparkle - O.P.I A-Taupe Space Needle with Warm & Fozzie.

L to R: A-Taupe Space Needle, Warm & Fozzie.

Such a gorgeous combination. I use Warm and Fozzie sort of like a glitter top coat, even though it is pretty opaque on its own. The combination of these two colours is earthy with an edge and it a perfect compliment to the leafy colours of autumn.Also, with the military trend following through to A/W, A-Taupe Space Needle may come in handy quite frequently.

Frosted - Essie Instant Hot

This polish was mentioned in my July favourites, it was so beautiful on I couldn't wait for the colder weather to don it! Its a beautiful frosty white with pink undertones and most subtle amount of shimmer. I love this colour. I think it will be perfect for Winter, aren't we all after a white Christmas?

The festive red - Barry M Raspberry.

This is one of my favourite, staple nail polishes. Its the most gorgeous deep pinky red, its perfectly named I guess! I love this for formal occasions but if you're willing to wear a stronger colour day-to-day it certainly isn't inappropriate due to the face that its not an in your face red. Cheap and cheerful!

Let's get dark - Nails Inc Kabaret.

And finally. I'd consider this more nighttime, but that's just me. This is a beautiful glossy iridescent navy. Its classic with a  twinge of unique. I really love this colour, so much so it has been repurchased. If your on the look out for a navy with a feminine feel this may just be for you.

If you want a little more on nail trends for AW12 then check out this little slideshow:

What are your top nail picks for the coming months? Comment below and let me know!

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