Product rave: Cutex!

Although quite a basic necessity, nail varnish remover can be pretty hit or miss. For the past few weeks i've been using Nailene's Artificial Nail & Nail Polish remover pot and although it has been good I do find that it dries out the tips of my fingers, which isn't desirable. If you aren't familiar with that product it is basically a pot of nail polish remover with rubber slots, you twist you nail into it for a few seconds and it removes the nail varnish without any need for cotton wool. I'm not slating that product, I would still be using it if  it hadn't got a bit overused.
Anyway, back to the Cutex Ultra Cleansing Nail Polish Remover. There's nothing innovative about the way you use this product, it's just very penetrating. I use 2-3 coats of my given nail polish and I was quite pleased to see that with a swipe of this product I could remove the nail polish. Even better, I used 2 cotton rounds for both hands and only had to apply the nail polish remover once on each of the cotton rounds.

If you are running low and fancy trying something new I definitely recommend this, at only £1.98 it's fantastic. One of the best I've found, certainly!

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