How to: Eyebrow grooming.

How to get your eyebrows trim!

This post is spurred on by my search for a new brow filler. I currently use Illamasqua brow cake in Stark and I have hit pan so need to either repurchase or find an alternative. When I was matched with Stark by the lovely Illamasqua staff I had a deep red hair colour and since then I have dyed my hair a number of colours - ginger, chestnut and now ombre/ dip dyed. I've started to notice that my brows look abit scouse i.e. too dark and defined, but since I like the defined look i've opted to try a lighter brow powder.

I found this cheap VIVO Ultimate Brow and Eye Kit and decided to pick it up and try it out.

It comes with three brow powders, a brow set and a dual ended brush - one side is an angled and the other is a sponge tip applicator. Why do they always throw one of those in?! Does ANYONE use them?!

The brush will never be used, i'll stick to my Illamasqua Angled brush and the brow set is no more than disappointing to be honest, the brush looks like it would be really good but it just doesn't pick up product very well. What drew me to this palette was that the two lightest shades have a red tinge to them, and my hair is naturally brown with red undertones so it comes out in my brows a little. The darkest shade is an ashy dark brown, i'm sure that i'll find some sort  of use for it.

I usually wax my brows. I find waxing quicker and its far easier to create clean shapes with a shaped strip of wax. I use Veet Facial Strips for my brows, but I decided - stupidly - to try out their new "Easy Grip" strips and they just don't work. Point blank. So I'm going to do a step by step of my brow grooming routine using tweezers, powder and brow gel! But you can substitute Tweezer for wax quite easily.

Okay so here's how I groom my brows.

What you'll need :

  • Tweezers, I use QVS Slanted Tip tweezers but any you feel comfortable with will do! OR Wax strips.
  • A Brow powder/brush - i'm using the VIVO Kit.
  • A brow set - I'm using Barry M Mascara and Eyebrow Definer.
Step 1: Identify which shape will suit your face best, this website is really helpful : I have a round face so I'm going to shape my brows using this photo as a guide - a little less angled, but that is just my personal preference.

Step 2: Tweeze in the shape! You can draw in white kohl if you aren't confident you'll get the right shape.

 Before: Err. So overgrown.
After: Better

Step 3: Starting from the center fill the brow in, creating shape as you go. If you have filled it in and require more definition - like i do - you can take a darker shade to your all over brow colour and place it in the arch, pulling from the bottom up with your angled brush. You should have something like this...

Excuse, the red, sensitive skin + tweezing = this.

Step 4: Finally, tame the brow a little using a brow set, it will keep the colour and shape all day! It can deepen the colour a little also.

And that's it! Pretty basic and self explanatory but I hope it helped nonetheless!

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